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The Latin word ‘Eco’ comes from “oikos”, an ancient Greek word to define home. In our days, we call “home”, not only the structural place where we live but also where we come from. So considering this we should not forget to give love, to our first and most important home: our beloved mother earth. Coup d’État committed with our planet, introduces a digital issue, dedicated to our special selection of Eco Beauty products to take care of our body, without leaving a side our environment and the beauty that we admire in the magnificence of nature.

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Êlisia Pedía were beautiful fields illuminated with the rays of the sun provided by Zeus, were only the heroes and mortals related to the gods were admitted to enjoy the pleasures of this eternal place beyond the western edge of the world. A fertile land with exuberant trees, extensive fields, colorful flowers, green landscapes that flow in harmony with the ocean, a timeless plain where beauty reigns among noble hearts. It's there where we see ourselves as we come in touch with Elysian by Punto Suave, an exclusive collection of textures for nourishing your skin with the delicate nectar of the gods, an enjoy the virtues of Mother Earth. A peaceful, stimulating experience that inspires with its natural aromas and brings about relaxation and renewal of our vital energies; and extract of the Champs Elisees in the palm of our hands.


Among the main aesthetic concepts that defined western beauty, natural symmetry, harmony between elements, and appreciation for details stand out. All of this together pursue the ideal of perfection inspired by nature and described so eloquently by Plato.

A beautiful precept by which anthropomorphic sculptures of beautiful and idealized models were born. These resulted in delicate faces, that just by looking at them you can feel the porcelain texture of their cheeks, which the sculptor traced from his purest love of stone.

The humanist admiration for the ancient world characterized by symmetry in nature, evokes magnificent structures with delicate textures, such as soft veil among the fine silhouettes and expressions that transcend by how artistically they were portrayed in stone and marble. We can not avoid falling in love with the life the artist gave it, beauty and shine that withstand time.

That is how we feel about Punto Suave, a Mexican born brand that was grown in Panama. A natural brand created with love to the environment and the platonic essence of beauty. A brand inspired by organic, sustainable and conscience of the impact of contamination. Its creator as a delicate sculptor who makes homage to the natural, has evoked Greek Anthology in the symmetry of its image, the curvature of its textures, in revealing its purity in every element of its package, through aromas that transport you to simpler times that vibrantly connect through the touch of the product to our skin.

From minimalist image, it reveals to us with simplicity what we will find when uncovering it's delicate wrapping: a cocktail of elements that elevate us to a higher plane where we are one with the earth, where we connect with ‘our true roots’.

Smooth sensations unveil a renewed skin due to the volcanic clay masks that illuminate our skin, like the morning rays of the sun, caressing with a soft touch of breeze and mineral aromas. Her soap brings about a perfect balance between natural products and technology allowing us to connect in each purification with the cleanliness of a traditional past an new connections with the naturals sweetness of our essence. A renewing experience which we can complement with demo - regenerating cream, that holds subtle silky sensations pleasantly a sort by the skin, holding the freshness of spring dew.

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Results: They lovingly create products that will complement and enhance your daily personal care ritual, using only the highest quality active ingredients.

A brand that believes in sustainable, natural, organic and low-pollution products.

Guided by this commitment they choose the best skincare brands with natural, non-toxic ingredients, to ensure their purity, effectiveness and safety. They continually strive to reduce the emission of waste: looking for 'naked' packaged products, with consciously produced or reusable packaging.

They are proud creators of the Elysian beauty product brand and also distribute brands of Mexican origin such as Nada Naturals and Santa Madonna in Panama. They lovingly choose the best skincare brands, each with its own essence.

“Going back to nature is going back to our true origin. From the origin, the present is born. Earth provides us from the beginning of Life everything we need here and now. Because going back to nature is reconnecting with ourselves”.

We invite you to learn more about Punto Suave, on its website and online store, by clicking HERE.

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