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Mery Angel - GREEN VIBES

At just 16 years old, Mery Angel is the CEO of Ni Uno Más, an association created with her schoolmates to make school a safe environment, physically and psychologically

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Ni Uno Más is an organization that is responsible for preventing and intervening in bullying cases. We do the prevention part through campaigns on Instagram, marathons to train volunteers, talks with psychologists and various projects such as podcasts. The intervention part consists of visiting schools and creating a Ni Uno Más club inside the school. We appoint and train ambassadors so they know what to do if a case of bullying happens and so that people who are being bullied do not feel alone. On our website we also offer people the opportunity to share their experience with bullying and, if they need it, ask for help through a platform called "Tell Us Your Story."

Many people think that it’s something normal, that everyone is picked on at school, that kids will be kids. It’s not true. First, education is a fundamental right. School is supposed to be a beneficial, healthy environment; it is a place where one has to be able to feel safe. In addition, bullying can have serious consequences on mental health that reverberate when you are older. I know people who have been bullied at school and today they are shy, have problems with anxiety, depression, or God forbid they can think of suicide.

Our generation was raised with a more open mind than in the past. Mental health is no longer taboo for us. It’s normal to seek help if you have a mental health problem. Today saying "yes, I see a psychologist" is normal. Sometimes you go to the psychologist and you don't even have a problem, you just want to sit down and get something off your chest. Mental well-being is important, as is physical well-being. In fact I am doing a school project, hand in hand with Ni Uno Más, which is called ‘No Es Tabú’(It’s Not Taboo). We do seminars with different psychologists where we talk about mental health in general. We are also working on a law, Law 317, which has already been presented for the first debate to the National Assembly and we have been fighting since February to get it approved. It is a law of coexistence that requires that there be at least one teacher who knows how to handle the issue of bullying per school. We have done all this only with the support of the youth. People are usually shocked to see how old we are. And the fact that we are young sometimes makes them not take us so seriously. But when it comes down to it, we are the ones taking the lead. When they see our determination and what we have accomplished, they know we are serious.

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