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These intertwined cotton and leather threads
bear the imprint of Hermès, not only in the artisan’s hand but also in the horse, the rider and the ties that bind them.


Tressages équestres was inspired by the passementerie and braiding used in the harness- making that lies at the house’s very origins.
This dinner service, designed under the artistic direction of Benoit Pierre Emery, creative director of La Table Hermès, offers a subtle
mix of figurative and abstract representations. Comprising twenty-seven pieces, including
ten new hollow-ware pieces, it is designed
to complement cuisines from all over the world. The omnipresent kaolin white of the porcelain
is a perfect showcase for Virginie Jamin’s designs. Her lines – fine or dense, but always precise – give volume to the textures they illustrate.
Zesty colours of lemon and mint contrast with petrol blue and the natural shades of fibres
and leather.

Playing with scale, motifs differ from one piece to the next. Each combination of objects is balanced, creating as many stories as there are compositions.


Variations to praise the weft Fragments of stories to collect A feast for the eye, which is bluffed Is this forthright or indirect?

Intertwining emotions: Matching impressions Motley amalgamation

We braid and plait, manipulate Refrains of gestures long since learned Sometimes the rhythm is displaced Not tiring of these twists and turns

Porcelain rounds its contours Digs deep and transforms
In cosmopolitan curves

But where now could my horse have gone? Out of field and out of sight He is here, in my every thought Surely he’s playing hide-and-seek

Braids play in twists and twirls Leather in its weaves
The harness in commotion

What else is weft, nothing banal All and nothing is classical The tartest of asymmetries Systematics thrown off the track

A lifestyle of trick riding Balance abiding
For fashioned facetiousness

Singularly harnessed pieces The work of a well-balanced plate The time has come: to the stable, To table, at a peerless trot


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